and a little child will lead them (Isaiah 11:6)

What do we believe? A little three year old girl in the church nursery said it so well. Little Amber was in the play kitchen, pretending to cook and she brought me an apple to eat. "First, say your prayer," she said. So I said a prayer and pretended to eat my food. Then she got herself some food and said, "Now, I'll pray." Her simple prayer says it all.

"God is good. Jesus knows my name. Amen."

This says it all. We worship a good, loving God, and His son knows each and every one of our names. Whether or not we claim Jesus' name, He knows ours. He is longing to write our names in the Book of Life. He is longing for us to call out His Name. We can accept or reject Him, but He still knows our name. And He will always know our names. Do you want to know more about this loving God? Then read on.